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Find out the top 4 call centre software to handle incoming calls


Various call centre software applications are used by customer service solution providers to provide and obtain huge number of telephone calls from customers by the agents. The job of an agent is to assist the customer regarding a specific product or service of a company. The software applications used by contact centres mostly are made for both inbound and outbound call centres. Some of the top outsource inbound call centre software applications are as follows:

  • Elastix

Elastix is an outsourced communication solution. With the help of this software inbound call centres are able to fixate contact centre modules. This call centre module can help organisations make up to various inbound call campaigns. The call centre software application has the facility to route effective communication between the agent and the caller. Elastix is known to use powerful auto-dialer known as predictive auto-dialer. Service providers installed with Elastix call centre software application to persuade web-based agent consultation. Moreover, the software is also included with web management edges and other exclusive outsource protocol for establishing significant communication.

  • GOautodial

To skim into the most effective call centre solutions is GOautodial. This call centre software is usually an amalgamation of differenr outsource technologies like the Asterisk, PHP, Limesurvey, etc. These software applications make it very easy in performing adept inbound call and accomplish basic contact centre requirements. Just like Elastix it is also used as Predictive auto-dialer. Interactive Voice Response also known as IVR and Automatic Call Distributor also known as ACD is known to increase the niche of various call centre solutions.

  • Contact Q

Contact Q is another type of outsourcing call centre software application which is totally based on GNU Linux. This software is widely known among call centre service providers because of customisable software solutions. This particular software enable complete and extensive agent interface. It also provides quality multi-media facilities based on ACD or automatic call distribution. With the help of Contact Q software application call centres could provide reports based on real-time. Further to this it also allows call centres to schedule innumerable campaigns according to scheduled and precise timing.

  • ViciDial

Last but not the least, ViciDial is one of the most popular outsource call centre software for both inbound and outbound call centres. It is proficient at providing web-based contact centre solutions. With the help of web agents can witness the flow of real time while providing web-based management interface. It is a kind of scalable contact centre solution that allows call centres to fathom hundreds of agents seat.

To sum thing up, not just this four there are other efficient call centre software application too provided by myriad companies. However, we have presented you the top 4 call centre software applications, so that you organisation could reach new heights of success by implementing one of these web-based software applications.

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