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Top 3 challenges faced by BPO companies


Contracting you non-core business process to a trusted third party agency either locally or on an offshore level is known as Business Process Outsourcing. According to surveys conducted by various BPO industries, the profit rate in the year 2013 was estimated to be 83 billion dollars and ever since the rate has never come down. Despite its drawbacks, the BPO sector is one of the most debauched growing sectors. Several aspects such as cost-effective methods, mitigating risk, improving utilisation, and high-end competency have helped the industry grow and evolve in the industrial sector.

Fast and almost foremost the BPO services have some core challenges to go through in order to establish a firm base in the market place. High-level competition amongst different companies has challenged the BPO sector to deliver outrageous amenities in a multifarious manner. Organisations and savvy industrial service provider incorporating their services demand high-end technical support and improved customer support solutions. Dealing with ranting customers, tight financial budget, unconventional work time, etc. are some of the challenges faced by this industry.

Here are a few other major challenges faced by the BPO sector:

Fluctuating political environment

Political scenarios are likely to change with the change in the governmental system. One day America will be in support of the Indian call centre, the other day it will mock their accent and intimidate them to give their jobs back. If not other industrial sector BPO companies are sure to suffer the political dilemma. The BPO services are the only amenities that are outsourced to a few Asian countries because of the cost-savvy advantages and round the clock work-ability forces.

High customer demand

Customers never stop demanding. If your organisation is offering 20% exclusive discount on Christmas then they demand 50% discount on New Year. The BPO industry is trying heart and soul to serve customers in the most efficient way. Due to the emergence of myriad interacting platforms call centre industries are travelling beyond traditional phone calls to various social media channels to communicate and create brand awareness amongst the prospective customers. Increasing competition in the market has steamed customer expectations which are considered to be quite difficult challenges for the BPO companies.

Tight budget

Although cost-efficient, sometimes organisations incorporating dexterous BPO services are expected to harvest ultimate results on negligible cost. These companies are forced to extract services out of very limited resources.

The growing number of BPO industry is painting a totally different picture of productivity and improvement. Various top-tier managements have to witness several challenges in the BPO industry and consistently think of solutions to resolve their problems.

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