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4 Tips to Help You Hire a Call Centre

Are you considering subcontracting your call centre function to inbound and outbound call centres? If done right, outsourcing call centre function can help you achieve you your business goals but, in case you get stuck with a not so efficient service provides, then outsourcing can be your biggest mistake. To help you avoid making this mistake, we have come up with some tips that you should consider before outsourcing your call centre function.

  1. Communication makes the task easy: The key to finding an optimal service provider that will take care of your inbound and outbound call centres functions lies in communicating. You need to have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish with outsourcing this function. Till the time you are not clear about what you want, you cannot zero down on a vendor. You need to clearly decide the scope of work with the vendor. You need to communicate your expectation regarding tasks that need to be accomplished, budget that should not be exceeded and timelines that need to be met. Till the time you are not able to communicate clearly, you won’t be able to hire a vendor.
  2. Technology Upgradation: Subcontracting your customer support and calling function to inbound and outbound call centres is an easy and effective way to access the latest technology available in the market. Choosing a service provider that has acquired all the latest tools and implements latest technology not only ensures better customer experience, but also validates you to access and leverage the technology for your benefit.
  3. Better Utilisation of Human Resource: Outsourcing a function gives you the opportunity to get in touch with new professionals, who have different skill sets and areas of expertise. This enables a company to increase its talent base. Therefore, when you are scouting for a service provider to outsource your inbound and reliable outbound call centres functions, consider hiring a service provider that is located at a different geographical region and employs executives who possess skills that you current staff lack.
  4. Say No to Cost Cutting: Today, outsourcing is not about saving money by cutting corners. The sole intent of a company considering outsourcing is to get the job done efficiently and promptly without compromising on quality. To ensure that all these parameters are met, hire a reliable outsourcing company that has proven track record in the industry and not the lowest bidder.

These are the top four points that a company should consider before subcontracting its business function to an outsourcing company. These points will help you choose an outsourcing company that will help you accomplish your goals.

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Simplicity holds the key for an effective outbound call centre solution

With changing times, many of the leading experts have agreed that a simple and time-saving customer experience is an absolute must for sustaining organisational success. However, the question arises, how does the reality look like? To put things in perspective, no business entity wants to design and implement confusing or complex processes on purpose. A data released by a leading outbound call centre indicates that huge chunk of customer time is eaten up by the content on websites, email responses, dialogues on an IVR etc. Customers find it hard to process even simple requests and are even left baffled in some cases. It is important to note that customer experiences aren’t as simple as they seem to be.

If we put ourselves into customer’s shoes, we can easily explain some intriguing stories of confusing and time consuming processes that we have experienced. Individuals are pretty much aware of some of the stories because of something similar happening in other workplaces. The list of sub-standard processes where customers face issues at regular time intervals, re-registering their requests, misleading or unclear instruction on getting through the procedures goes on and on.

Now, the question arises: how do business conglomerates achieve to design and implement simplicity in the current processes for the ease of their customers. In order to effectively tackle the complexities, one needs to understand how business units, in most cases design and implement those customer support processes into the system. The primary reason for the same is the rigidity of organisational structure. It is important to understand that all the verticals, be it marketing, HR, finance are all partially responsible for the debacle of the process. Synchronizing an end to end process in a functional organisational setup requires a lot of effort; the implementation of incompetent processes is bound to happen. The next reason is that a vast majority of customer interactions in an reliable outbound call centre setup are scripted with internal efficiency at the back of mind rather than efficiency in processes outside our domain. The objective, however, is to achieve fast and cost-efficient cycle times with a strong intent to cut down on labor costs. It cannot be denied that in most cases, customers prefer to take a different route than the ones designed for them.

As a result, it will lead to a situation where the process will consume more time, since the customer either starts to complain about the effort they have to invest their time in or they do not understand the steps being explained by a call centre executive. Both the situations will lead to different results than what we envisioned. What needs to be understood is that call centre executives need a lot of time to explain complicated and time-consuming processes. Such a thought process usually leads to complex experiences for customers.

It does not come as much of a surprise that business entities that design their processes based on an outside-in thought process, witness significant reduction in average handling times, thereby improving overall customer experience.

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Ways to show appreciation towards your customers

Customers are the backbone of any business. Every strategy and decision which is taken in an organisation is to support customers directly or indirectly. No organisation can afford to make them angry and unhappy. In today’s age of extreme competition and increasing rivalry among companies, it has become crucial to show appreciation towards customers. Major steps are being taken to acquire new customers and retain existing ones, but in a quest to do all of this, organisations are forgetting the basics, i.e., being appreciative towards customers.

There are multiple ways in which you can express your gratitude to customers. Some of them are mentioned below.

Offering a free gift with every purchase:

Who doesn’t like a something extra with their purchase? Everyone loves free gifts and customers are no different. By offering a little something extra you will be able to gain the attention of new customers and even satisfy the existing ones. In fact, free gifts offer a superb pitch to outbound calling campaigns making them even more effective. This is a great way of showing appreciation as you’re willingly offering something extra to customers for investing their hard-earned money with you.

Referral programs:

The best kind of advertising is through word-of-mouth promotions. If you are successful in creating pleasant experiences for customers, chances are that your customers will share their pleasantries with their family and friends. By launching something which acts as a motivator for customers to promote your products further, you will not just be getting new customers but will also be able to engage the existing ones even better.

Loyalty programs: 

Don’t you think you should be rewarding those customers of yours who have been loyal to you? Well, customers also believe in the same thing. Doing something extra is a great way expressing your gratitude. Loyalty programs are such a strong motivator for customers that just the very mention of these in your effective outbound calling campaigns and other mediums of connecting with customers, will help you get good results


Customers really appreciate special efforts which companies take to inject personalised touches in the entire process. Little things like addressing customer by his/her name also can do wonders. A personalised touch helps customer better relate to the product.
Every organisation is finding different ways to engage its customers better. At such an instance, it gets extremely crucial to show appreciation towards customers. With clients nothing goes unnoticed. Small steps towards showing gratitude to customers can do wonders in pleasing them in a better manner. And in a longer course of things, these small steps can lead to stout impacts.

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Tips to reduce average hold time in call centres

Average hold time is an important metric which helps in the assessment levels of a business. This helps companies in understanding how well they are actually able to serve customers. It gives a clear picture of the ground realities and helps the management in understanding whether are not they are able to function in the desired manner or not. Average hold time doesn’t just give a clear idea of customer service but is actually extremely helpful in determining the performance of executives. The executives who are keeping customers on hold for a very long duration don’t exhibit professionalism and necessary training needs to be provided to them in order to ensure corrections in this arena.

A success of a call answering service, to a very large extent, is determined by the average hold time and call abandonment rates. Low average hold time is a sign of efficiency and good customer service and every call centre at the moment is thriving to achieve it. There are various ways in which it can be kept low and some of them are mentioned below.

 Recording calls:
Recording all the calls is a practice which can reap long term benefits for any call answering service. By evaluating the recorded call, the productivity and efficiency of an agent can be easily understood. Review of calls actually helps businesses in identifying the loopholes and working towards improving that so that the best can be delivered to customers.

 Empowering agents with knowledge:
If the agents hold a call answering service are knowledgeable and are able to help customers with their queries, then that would help them in closing calls much more quickly. Relevant answers can be found out to the problems of customers, instead of being blank and looking for answers. If the call centre agent is knowledgeable then his confidence and genuine solutions will help customers a lot.

 Online assistance:
It would be impractical to expect that the executives would be knowing everything that the customer might end up asking. A better solution is providing an online assistance which can help executives get the answers real-time and that too without putting the calls on hold for long. This is a sure shot way of providing with the best of solutions without troubling the customers much.

Customer satisfaction is the most crucial thing for any business. It is a fact that nothing irritates customers more than being kept on hold. Even if you have provided a great product at the best price but if you fail to provide quality call answering service, rest of the factors would seldom hold any importance. Thus, continuous efforts need to be put in so as to ensure reduced average hold time.

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Why telemarketing is the best bet for your business?

It is engrossed in people’s minds these days that telemarketing has lost its charm, especially since the time social media is on a rise. This is far away from truth specifically in the case of B2B marketing because when it comes to B2B marketing, telemarketing has stayed successful in retaining its position. Many companies have chosen to opt out of cold calling, but when the question comes of marketing in the B2B segment, telemarketing is still a crucial tool for generating meaningful leads for business.

Many companies still integrate telemarketing services into their sales and marketing plans so that maximum benefit can be reaped out of these strategies.

Some reasons are mentioned below which emphasize on why telemarketing services can be the best bet for your business.

Building a relationship:
Picking up the phone and talking to prospective customers is a much better way of starting a conversation than dropping them a mail. Proficient telemarketing services have the advantage of human interaction to their side in comparison to other mediums of marketing. By talking to customers and taking appointments thereafter to meet in future, it gives employees a chance to get comfortable with customers and build long-term relationships with them.

Using drip marketing strategy:
Drip marketing strategy involves sending of messages repetitively to prospects over a period of time. The messages are mostly in the form of emails and these emails are sent regularly to customers automatically. By integrating a drip strategy with successful telemarketing services, an organisation can be sure to reinforce its brand in the minds of customers. This amalgamation comes out extremely handy when it comes to following up with clients.

Handling objections:
When it comes to pitching sales over a phone, there is a higher chance of customers asking counter questions. By fostering such a kind of conversation, an organisation can be sure of knowing what the customer’s actual needs and wants are. Once this is known, the further path of pitching the product simplifies to a greater extent. When customer raises an objection, it is essential to assure the customer that his/her problem will be duly taken care of. Organisations should focus upon delivering intelligent conversations which are able to provide the best solution. Handling customer queries becomes much easier and quicker, when done over phone, than any other medium.

Many companies still survive over efficient telemarketing services. The reason? Well. This is the only medium which has kept its human interaction intact in the fight of other digitally advanced ways of marketing. When mixed with other marketing strategies, telemarketing can be the best bet for your business.

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What are the Top Benefits of Delivering Great Customer Experience?

For every business, gaining customers is the key to achieve success. Perhaps it’s a challenging task and you will face many troubles while approaching customers and looking forward for their repeat purchase. Herein, what exactly you need to attract more and more customers is providing great customer experience. An excellent customer service makes your customers feel that how much you care about developing a strong relationship that means more than a business deal. Focusing on delivering great customer experience will benefit your business in numerous ways. Hence, teaming up with call centre India remains as the best option to reach wide audience and reap immense benefits.

Listed below are important benefits of delivering top-notch customer experience to your business.

Repeat business: Gaining repeat business is not a miracle that happens automatically without doing any effort. Instead, this can be achieved by building strong relationship with your customers. Businesses that constantly made efforts to provide superior customer service can gain repeat business. By taking constant steps like sending thank you email after each purchase, you are making the customer feel special and appreciated, which keep them coming back to your business for more purchase.

Business reputation: A business can enhance the reputation by providing great customer experience. Customers often share their experience when dealing with businesses, especially if it is extremely good or pathetic. By delivering great customer service, you are creating a strong bond with your customers which further act as an effective marketing tool to build your brand reputation. Customers will be happy to tell about their experience with friends, family and relatives if you have delivered top-grade customer experience to them. As a result, your brand will get additional advertising at no cost.

Creating a competitive niche: In this modern time where customers don’t hesitate to share negative comment about a business due to lack of service, providing excellent customer experience can make you stand ahead of the competition. By emphasizing on top-notch customer service in your marketing strategy, you will set yourself apart from your counterparts. This will definitely help you create a brand niche that take your business to the new avenues of success.

These are the great benefits of delivering great customer experience. You can collaborate with a well-established call centre company to render top-notch customer services. This not only helps you in building strong relationship with your brand, but also increases your revenue streams.

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