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Top 3 challenges faced by BPO companies

Contracting you non-core business process to a trusted third party agency either locally or on an offshore level is known as Business Process Outsourcing. According to surveys conducted by various BPO industries, the profit rate in the year 2013 was estimated to be 83 billion dollars and ever since the rate has never come down. Despite its drawbacks, the BPO sector is one of the most debauched growing sectors. Several aspects such as cost-effective methods, mitigating risk, improving utilisation, and high-end competency have helped the industry grow and evolve in the industrial sector.

Fast and almost foremost the BPO services have some core challenges to go through in order to establish a firm base in the market place. High-level competition amongst different companies has challenged the BPO sector to deliver outrageous amenities in a multifarious manner. Organisations and savvy industrial service provider incorporating their services demand high-end technical support and improved customer support solutions. Dealing with ranting customers, tight financial budget, unconventional work time, etc. are some of the challenges faced by this industry.

Here are a few other major challenges faced by the BPO sector:

Fluctuating political environment

Political scenarios are likely to change with the change in the governmental system. One day America will be in support of the Indian call centre, the other day it will mock their accent and intimidate them to give their jobs back. If not other industrial sector BPO companies are sure to suffer the political dilemma. The BPO services are the only amenities that are outsourced to a few Asian countries because of the cost-savvy advantages and round the clock work-ability forces.

High customer demand

Customers never stop demanding. If your organisation is offering 20% exclusive discount on Christmas then they demand 50% discount on New Year. The BPO industry is trying heart and soul to serve customers in the most efficient way. Due to the emergence of myriad interacting platforms call centre industries are travelling beyond traditional phone calls to various social media channels to communicate and create brand awareness amongst the prospective customers. Increasing competition in the market has steamed customer expectations which are considered to be quite difficult challenges for the BPO companies.

Tight budget

Although cost-efficient, sometimes organisations incorporating dexterous BPO services are expected to harvest ultimate results on negligible cost. These companies are forced to extract services out of very limited resources.

The growing number of BPO industry is painting a totally different picture of productivity and improvement. Various top-tier managements have to witness several challenges in the BPO industry and consistently think of solutions to resolve their problems.

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Inbound sales call: One of the most challenging calls

Most of us have heard about incoming calls from customers to solve perpetual queries and register countless complaints till now, but a few of us are aware of the inbound sales call.

What is an inbound sales call? When an inbound call from customer is converted to pitch about your brand and ultimately create an impact on the customer to visit and prioritise your brand over your competitor is known as inbound sales call.

Inbound sales call is regarded to be one of the toughest jobs in the call centre industry. To establish a successful sales call through incoming calls require various strategical measures and approaches because the inbound sales call comes out of the blue. Outbound sales call is potentially a planned and informative form of call made to customers on behalf of an organisation generally to preach about the brand and ultimately close the sale.

Regardless of your product, the inbound call routed to your call centre could be any person on the line. Therefore, your call representatives must be prepared to respond to any kind of customer query regarding technical issues, grievances etc.

Representatives indulged in inbound sales call has to sensibly figure out the aim behind the customer call and gauge into the details to accumulate radical knowledge to preach the brand. Using jargon might puzzle your customers whereas; using non-cleric terms in your speech might portray a feeble communication flaw.


High performing inbound sales calls

Rationally picking up calls and converting them into prospective leads is one of the hardest tasks. There are chances that the customer may have researched about your company and have reached your brand to enquiry about your product value or the services offered. Sometimes there are also chances that the customer who just saw an ad is calling to expand his/her horizon of knowledge about your products or services. Such customers are likely to get converted or diverted; everything depends on the call consultant.

It is important for agents to grab the opportunity of performing inbound sales call once they figure out the potential clients who is keeping a keen ear to what your agent’s has to say. Inbound sales call might be an easy task when handled by an adept consultant or a veteran salesperson. What about average representatives who strive to make a sale? It is nearly a difficult task to hire good salesperson. Vendors providing excellent inbound call services must therefore, hire folks who have average skills and train them to make exceptional sale through incoming calls.

Although the ultimatum question is how does one do it? The answer is simple, by implementing an astounding process to handle inbound call. An ingenious way to handle inbound sales call can have the similar effect as adding years of experience to a novice salesperson. Further to this, while handling your calls the burden should be distributed among all employees equally to ignite the power of right technological use and hefty productivity.

A mild change in the game

A lot of call centres are always adapting the change of fresh technological tools or strategical techniques to enhance call and efficiently cater the production of business evolution. As a matter of fact, many outbound processes are slowly initiating inbound sales process to get definitive results. In an outbound call centre, sales representatives preach about quality, quantity, feature of a brand and persuade customers to purchase it or provide help when needed to solve any kind of problematic issue.

However, in case of inbound sales call the response is to be a smidge different. Because the customer himself walk into your premise to seek help and therefore it is your duty to help him at the right moment without a glitch of further suspension.

Concisely speaking, one of the most significant things to remember about inbound sales call is that the focus of interaction with the customer should not be based upon your brand instead the core motive should be to understand the customer’s pain.

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If nothing else can, outbound calling can surely teach you ‘patience’!

Bumping your head on the wall will never help you get over your impatience attitude. If you really want to know how to keep those nerves of paranoia within your burning blood, then there is nothing better than outbound calling. Not just a job, it is a higher level of incentivised meditation.

Catering outbound call services can prove to be a tough job. Sometimes interacting with customers can be frustrating and the ability to attentively listen to some ranting customer at the other end of the phone needs patience. If you are related to this process you will definitely learn to listen, keep quiet and not lose your nerves when the other person on the other side of the bridge keeps on aggressively abusing you for the connection service that does not have any flaws at all.

This is the reason why outbound consultants need to be strong-headed while maintaining peace in their mind to serve customers and focus on their concerns and problems with professionalism. A good outbound call agent possesses the ability to handle knock-outs and infuriated customers who has an objection to being cold-called.

Here, are a few tips to calm down your nerve when you come across irate customers because it not any other traits, outbound calls will surely teach you how to be that ‘tolerable agent.’

  • Follow call route

Outbound callers must plan their call route. They must be confident enough to make the call and this only comes from years and years of practice. It is significant to get an agents personality across to the customer so that it will help them stand out from other cold callers.

An effective way to pretend relaxation in your communication is to assume that you are face-to-face with the customer which will help you talk to the customer in a friendly way. Most importantly work on your introduction ethics and the key message

Outbound calling


  • It is okay to get knocked-out

There are chances that you are probably going to get knocked-out most of the time. But the strategy is to save your only nose. If the customer says that he or she is not interested, leave them then and there. The more you bug them the more your service level will decline. The only armor to protect your pieces of mental stability is to stay calm and let things revolve the way it was revolving before.

However, if your instincts direct you, probably try to ask him a few questions before ending the call. You can ask questions like, “If any of your friends are interested in our brand, can you kindly provide us their information so that we can access them?” etc.

  • Handling objections

A decent way to handle appointment objection in an outbound calling centre is to use the rejection as a reason during sales meeting. Agents must be trained to acknowledge customer’s objection toward their offerings. There could be quite a lot of reason for objecting a product or service. Either the customers do not want the product or he/she is unaware of its significance or in many cases customers may have collaborated with another dealer etc. Rare adept agents will try to extract the reason and access their concerns to finally schedule the appointment.

  • Infuriated customers

If come across one of these kinds, it must be your sole survival instinct to get out of the death pit without getting hurt. Talk to them slowly and calmly. Try to make the beast dance with you. Whilst you speak slowly and calmly the customer will start speaking slowly to you too. Keep a note pad by your side to ensure that you note down each and every important point to turn it into a positive interaction.

Taking hefty amount of mental weight does not solve issues because if you are into the outbound calling industry you are likely to come across objection, rejection and elimination. God gifted a pair of ears to the animals especially human for special reason. Use one ear to listen and if it is important transfer it to your brain and if is not your concern, let is swirl out from the other ear.

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Cloudsourcing: A trending BPO solution for organizations worldwide

Numerous organisations have already accepted the outsourcing business model to reduce their expenditures, upsurge quality in work and enhance speed in the market. But to excel in the cut-throat competitive market, it is mandatory to expand your horizon and beyond the convention methods of marketing. You have to outsource more complex business processes instead of the regular back-office tasks. Moreover, you also have to ensure innovations and tackle infrastructure related issues, including core business functionality, to make the most of business evolution and move forward in the market.

Ask yourself a few questions, do you want to excel in your business? Is your company producing the right amount of work adeptly? Do you want significant values for your company? If the answer is “yes” for the following questions, then your ultimate answer is ‘Cloudsourcing’. Cloudsourcing is the one of the most trending strategies in outsourcing. What is cloudsourcing? Similar to outsourcing, cloudsourcing is an arrangement, where an organization makes payment to the cloud provider to cater its services which could be otherwise provided by in-house services. With the help of cloudsourcing you can assign task to the qualified members and take advantage from the system of on-demand BPO services that you can access from any whereabouts.

What can cloudsourcing actually do for an organisation?

  • Cloudsourcing facilitates you to get an access to any superior BPO services whenever you need one by using a pay-per use model.
  • An organisation will have the independence to supply better business quality and sustain in the market for a long time by reducing probable risk.
  • With the help of cloudsourcing, you can hire any person according to the skills required for your organisation.
  • By adapting the cloudsourcing facility, an organisation can convert its stable cost into flexible structure and also initiate new program ideas.
  • Any individual possessing on-demand skills in a particular domain can offer their services through cloudsourcing. This way an organisation can connect the professional for expert services.
  • Although technology is important in outsourcing but cloudsourcing enables you the freedom of virtual call centre instantly without any trouble related to technology or infrastructure. As a matter of fact an organisation can discontinue with the call centre once all the facilities of an organisation is met.
  • As a client, your organisation need not worry about IT services, because all IT services will be delivered to you via Internet.

If you are clueless about a temporary email or chat service, cloudsourcing is the latest trending solution provided by companies that offer BPO services. Availing cloud-computing services will ensure the reduction of workload, efficient handling of new merchandise release, and provisions of solutions to handle back to back call during a high seasonal periods with the help of virtual call centre and so on without much expenditure. In short, cloudsourcing facility give your firm a sustainable business boost.

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Ensure Better Care of Your Customers with Outsourcing

The present age is the age of competition. In this competitive world where organisations are striving hard to get ahead of each other, it has become imperative that these organisations start focusing on their core-competencies. However, that does not mean that they will have to sideline their other business process. To remain in competition, they not only have to concentrate on their core-business process and offerings, but also have to streamline their other processes that are crucial for proper functioning of the organisation. The easiest and cost effective way to accomplish this by outsourcing certain non-core business processes to BPO companies.

Business process outsourcing allows a company to improve its overall efficiency and help it climb the ladder of success. Today, market is flooded with companies that offer business process outsourcing services. The BPO companies that offer these services claim to not only meet, but efficiently manage the end-to-end needs of clients and customers. One of the services that these companies have to offer that helps businesses grow is customer care and support service.

Off late, customers have become the one determining factor that no company can afford to overlook. How a company treats its customers decide the fate of the company. Customer experience and satisfaction level are two parameters that companies are increasingly focusing on. For, they decide the very fate of the company. If a customer experiences bad customer service, there is a high probability that he will shun ties with your company and turn to your competitor. If a business continues to disengage its customers, there is no chance that it will flourish and be successful. Thus, it is important to retain existing customers by offering them quality products and services. The best way to ensure that you customers receive excelling customer services is to outsource the customer care and support process to BPO companies.

Outsourcing customer care and support service is considered to be the cost efficient way to take care of your customers. It not only liberates an organisation of the burden of setting up a call centre and hiring and training call centre executives, but also ensures that its customer’s grievances and concerns do not get unheard. Leading BPO companies that offer call centre services employ a squad of qualified, trained and dynamic professionals, who have industry experience of offering outstanding customer service even in the most stressful situations. Not only this, these professionals have access to latest call centre tools and technology that ensures your customer will receive 100% accurate information and will make them happy and content.

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Forming an Alliance with BPO Companies is Lucrative for Businesses

As outsourcing has gained popularity over the last twenty years or so, an increasing number of organisations are contracting their non-core business functions to vendors that get their work accomplished by professionals in a timely manner and that too at reduced costs. Over these years, call centre has become one such function that organisations, be it a start-up or a medium sized enterprise, does not shy away from outsourcing. Call centre outsourcing has become so frequent and famous that it has become synonymous with the word outsourcing. This popularity has given rise to a misconception that is prevalent among common people. Across the globe, a large portion of population is of the opinion that business process outsourcing (BPO) and call centre outsourcing is the same.

The aim of this blog is to acquaint our readers with the concept of BPO and clear the doubts regarding BPO being the same as call centre outsourcing.

In terms of definition, BPO is defined as subcontracting of any business process of a third-party vendor called BPO companies. The business processes that can be outsourced include important tasks that are vital for smooth operation of a business, but do not fall in the category of core competencies of a business. A business mainly outsources its front office and back functions, which includes, but certainly not restricted to, contact centre function, customer support, technical support, telesales and telemarketing, human resources, pay roll, finance and accounting and IT support. As per the business requirement, a business can outsource an entire function or a part of function.

It is the organised structure of BPO companies and its streamlined processes that allow them to help organisations, regardless of their size, efficiently handle their non-core business functions including front office and back office processes in the most effective manner. They enable a business to streamline its process, accomplish its goals and improve the overall productivity and sales revenues.

Today, there are an overwhelming number of BPO companies in market that are offering a complete package of services that not only cover different aspects of business operations, but are also applicable across different industry domains. The services offered by industry experts help a business to:

  • Boost the number of computable business results
  • Gain analytics driven insights that help business plan and strategise
  • Access to expert advice
  • Access to latest technology
  • Reduced costs and improved revenues
  • Achieve desired results

All in all, forming an alliance with leading BPO companies is lucrative option for businesses.

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Top 3 challenges faced by BPO companies

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If nothing else can, outbound calling can surely teach you ‘patience’!

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Cloudsourcing: A trending BPO solution for organizations worldwide

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Ensure Better Care of Your Customers with Outsourcing

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Forming an Alliance with BPO Companies is Lucrative for Businesses

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