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Forming an Alliance with BPO Companies is Lucrative for Businesses


As outsourcing has gained popularity over the last twenty years or so, an increasing number of organisations are contracting their non-core business functions to vendors that get their work accomplished by professionals in a timely manner and that too at reduced costs. Over these years, call centre has become one such function that organisations, be it a start-up or a medium sized enterprise, does not shy away from outsourcing. Call centre outsourcing has become so frequent and famous that it has become synonymous with the word outsourcing. This popularity has given rise to a misconception that is prevalent among common people. Across the globe, a large portion of population is of the opinion that business process outsourcing (BPO) and call centre outsourcing is the same.

The aim of this blog is to acquaint our readers with the concept of BPO and clear the doubts regarding BPO being the same as call centre outsourcing.

In terms of definition, BPO is defined as subcontracting of any business process of a third-party vendor called BPO companies. The business processes that can be outsourced include important tasks that are vital for smooth operation of a business, but do not fall in the category of core competencies of a business. A business mainly outsources its front office and back functions, which includes, but certainly not restricted to, contact centre function, customer support, technical support, telesales and telemarketing, human resources, pay roll, finance and accounting and IT support. As per the business requirement, a business can outsource an entire function or a part of function.

It is the organised structure of BPO companies and its streamlined processes that allow them to help organisations, regardless of their size, efficiently handle their non-core business functions including front office and back office processes in the most effective manner. They enable a business to streamline its process, accomplish its goals and improve the overall productivity and sales revenues.

Today, there are an overwhelming number of BPO companies in market that are offering a complete package of services that not only cover different aspects of business operations, but are also applicable across different industry domains. The services offered by industry experts help a business to:

  • Boost the number of computable business results
  • Gain analytics driven insights that help business plan and strategise
  • Access to expert advice
  • Access to latest technology
  • Reduced costs and improved revenues
  • Achieve desired results

All in all, forming an alliance with leading BPO companies is lucrative option for businesses.

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