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Why telemarketing is the best bet for your business?


It is engrossed in people’s minds these days that telemarketing has lost its charm, especially since the time social media is on a rise. This is far away from truth specifically in the case of B2B marketing because when it comes to B2B marketing, telemarketing has stayed successful in retaining its position. Many companies have chosen to opt out of cold calling, but when the question comes of marketing in the B2B segment, telemarketing is still a crucial tool for generating meaningful leads for business.

Many companies still integrate telemarketing services into their sales and marketing plans so that maximum benefit can be reaped out of these strategies.

Some reasons are mentioned below which emphasize on why telemarketing services can be the best bet for your business.

Building a relationship:
Picking up the phone and talking to prospective customers is a much better way of starting a conversation than dropping them a mail. Proficient telemarketing services have the advantage of human interaction to their side in comparison to other mediums of marketing. By talking to customers and taking appointments thereafter to meet in future, it gives employees a chance to get comfortable with customers and build long-term relationships with them.

Using drip marketing strategy:
Drip marketing strategy involves sending of messages repetitively to prospects over a period of time. The messages are mostly in the form of emails and these emails are sent regularly to customers automatically. By integrating a drip strategy with successful telemarketing services, an organisation can be sure to reinforce its brand in the minds of customers. This amalgamation comes out extremely handy when it comes to following up with clients.

Handling objections:
When it comes to pitching sales over a phone, there is a higher chance of customers asking counter questions. By fostering such a kind of conversation, an organisation can be sure of knowing what the customer’s actual needs and wants are. Once this is known, the further path of pitching the product simplifies to a greater extent. When customer raises an objection, it is essential to assure the customer that his/her problem will be duly taken care of. Organisations should focus upon delivering intelligent conversations which are able to provide the best solution. Handling customer queries becomes much easier and quicker, when done over phone, than any other medium.

Many companies still survive over efficient telemarketing services. The reason? Well. This is the only medium which has kept its human interaction intact in the fight of other digitally advanced ways of marketing. When mixed with other marketing strategies, telemarketing can be the best bet for your business.

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