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Inbound sales call: One of the most challenging calls


Most of us have heard about incoming calls from customers to solve perpetual queries and register countless complaints till now, but a few of us are aware of the inbound sales call.

What is an inbound sales call? When an inbound call from customer is converted to pitch about your brand and ultimately create an impact on the customer to visit and prioritise your brand over your competitor is known as inbound sales call.

Inbound sales call is regarded to be one of the toughest jobs in the call centre industry. To establish a successful sales call through incoming calls require various strategical measures and approaches because the inbound sales call comes out of the blue. Outbound sales call is potentially a planned and informative form of call made to customers on behalf of an organisation generally to preach about the brand and ultimately close the sale.

Regardless of your product, the inbound call routed to your call centre could be any person on the line. Therefore, your call representatives must be prepared to respond to any kind of customer query regarding technical issues, grievances etc.

Representatives indulged in inbound sales call has to sensibly figure out the aim behind the customer call and gauge into the details to accumulate radical knowledge to preach the brand. Using jargon might puzzle your customers whereas; using non-cleric terms in your speech might portray a feeble communication flaw.


High performing inbound sales calls

Rationally picking up calls and converting them into prospective leads is one of the hardest tasks. There are chances that the customer may have researched about your company and have reached your brand to enquiry about your product value or the services offered. Sometimes there are also chances that the customer who just saw an ad is calling to expand his/her horizon of knowledge about your products or services. Such customers are likely to get converted or diverted; everything depends on the call consultant.

It is important for agents to grab the opportunity of performing inbound sales call once they figure out the potential clients who is keeping a keen ear to what your agent’s has to say. Inbound sales call might be an easy task when handled by an adept consultant or a veteran salesperson. What about average representatives who strive to make a sale? It is nearly a difficult task to hire good salesperson. Vendors providing excellent inbound call services must therefore, hire folks who have average skills and train them to make exceptional sale through incoming calls.

Although the ultimatum question is how does one do it? The answer is simple, by implementing an astounding process to handle inbound call. An ingenious way to handle inbound sales call can have the similar effect as adding years of experience to a novice salesperson. Further to this, while handling your calls the burden should be distributed among all employees equally to ignite the power of right technological use and hefty productivity.

A mild change in the game

A lot of call centres are always adapting the change of fresh technological tools or strategical techniques to enhance call and efficiently cater the production of business evolution. As a matter of fact, many outbound processes are slowly initiating inbound sales process to get definitive results. In an outbound call centre, sales representatives preach about quality, quantity, feature of a brand and persuade customers to purchase it or provide help when needed to solve any kind of problematic issue.

However, in case of inbound sales call the response is to be a smidge different. Because the customer himself walk into your premise to seek help and therefore it is your duty to help him at the right moment without a glitch of further suspension.

Concisely speaking, one of the most significant things to remember about inbound sales call is that the focus of interaction with the customer should not be based upon your brand instead the core motive should be to understand the customer’s pain.

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