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If nothing else can, outbound calling can surely teach you ‘patience’!


Bumping your head on the wall will never help you get over your impatience attitude. If you really want to know how to keep those nerves of paranoia within your burning blood, then there is nothing better than outbound calling. Not just a job, it is a higher level of incentivised meditation.

Catering outbound call services can prove to be a tough job. Sometimes interacting with customers can be frustrating and the ability to attentively listen to some ranting customer at the other end of the phone needs patience. If you are related to this process you will definitely learn to listen, keep quiet and not lose your nerves when the other person on the other side of the bridge keeps on aggressively abusing you for the connection service that does not have any flaws at all.

This is the reason why outbound consultants need to be strong-headed while maintaining peace in their mind to serve customers and focus on their concerns and problems with professionalism. A good outbound call agent possesses the ability to handle knock-outs and infuriated customers who has an objection to being cold-called.

Here, are a few tips to calm down your nerve when you come across irate customers because it not any other traits, outbound calls will surely teach you how to be that ‘tolerable agent.’

  • Follow call route

Outbound callers must plan their call route. They must be confident enough to make the call and this only comes from years and years of practice. It is significant to get an agents personality across to the customer so that it will help them stand out from other cold callers.

An effective way to pretend relaxation in your communication is to assume that you are face-to-face with the customer which will help you talk to the customer in a friendly way. Most importantly work on your introduction ethics and the key message

Outbound calling


  • It is okay to get knocked-out

There are chances that you are probably going to get knocked-out most of the time. But the strategy is to save your only nose. If the customer says that he or she is not interested, leave them then and there. The more you bug them the more your service level will decline. The only armor to protect your pieces of mental stability is to stay calm and let things revolve the way it was revolving before.

However, if your instincts direct you, probably try to ask him a few questions before ending the call. You can ask questions like, “If any of your friends are interested in our brand, can you kindly provide us their information so that we can access them?” etc.

  • Handling objections

A decent way to handle appointment objection in an outbound calling centre is to use the rejection as a reason during sales meeting. Agents must be trained to acknowledge customer’s objection toward their offerings. There could be quite a lot of reason for objecting a product or service. Either the customers do not want the product or he/she is unaware of its significance or in many cases customers may have collaborated with another dealer etc. Rare adept agents will try to extract the reason and access their concerns to finally schedule the appointment.

  • Infuriated customers

If come across one of these kinds, it must be your sole survival instinct to get out of the death pit without getting hurt. Talk to them slowly and calmly. Try to make the beast dance with you. Whilst you speak slowly and calmly the customer will start speaking slowly to you too. Keep a note pad by your side to ensure that you note down each and every important point to turn it into a positive interaction.

Taking hefty amount of mental weight does not solve issues because if you are into the outbound calling industry you are likely to come across objection, rejection and elimination. God gifted a pair of ears to the animals especially human for special reason. Use one ear to listen and if it is important transfer it to your brain and if is not your concern, let is swirl out from the other ear.

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